Team TFC was founded in January 2016 by some of the early adopters of Zwift and has been going from strength to strength since. We are a strong community of Zwifters spanning the globe.  

We co-ordinate a series of races and group rides on Zwift. We are always looking for new members both to race and those just wanting some social encouragement to keep going on Zwift. 

Have a look around to see what we do or join some of the events we run on Zwift and chat to any of the team. 

Who is it for?

Team TFC is open to all levels of riders and we have a strong track record of helping riders to progress through the ranks with a number of the teams top riders having joined us when they were new to Zwift and at the lower ranks of the Zwift category system.
If you would like to join us, there are detailed instructions on how to join available here (spoiler - it's free to join) and generally all are welcome (unless you object to our policy of fair racing).

Play fair and don't take it too seriously

What does Team TFC Stand for?

TFC grew out of the team that was running The Friday Criterium Race Series on Zwift (hence the TFC). We are extremely proud of the community that we’ve built up within the team, providing support and encouragement (and often plenty of sarcasm/humour). We race together as a team. The guidelines for what we expect of Team TFC members:

  1. TFC is a close knit community so all riders should be ready to help and give advice to all members.
  2. Be passionate about the team and support team mates wherever possible.
  3. All riders should work towards a common goal of trying to improve the team
  4. Respect other riders on the platform.
  5. Respect the ride and ride leader especially if it is another group ride.
  6. In a group ride be ready to help riders who may be struggling.
  7. Remember that the idea of racing is to improve so give 100% every race.
  8. Enjoy the time on the platform whether that is a ride, race, workout or a social spin.

What do we do?

TFC Race Series: We organise The Friday Criterium Race Series on Friday evenings at 7pm UK and 7.30pm EST (two races). Details on the event page. 

TFC Sunday Group Ride: Each Sunday evening join us for the Team TFC Social Sunday Evening ride at 8:15pm UK / 3:15pm EST. Details on the event page. 

Real life meet ups: The team also arranges a couple of in real life meet ups (generally in the UK) each year. This year in Shrewsbury (May’19) and Yorkshire (Sept’19). 

A community to improve with

Team TFC prides itself on providing a community that hopes to provide further encouragement to keep going and improving even if you think you may have peaked. Many of our members have progressed significantly in their performance since joining the team. We also don’t want to take ourselves too seriously and provide a fun community (which should be evident on our Sunday Evening Group Rides on Zwift)  

Teammates to race with

Cycle racing in real life can often be as much about tactics as it is about fitness. Racing on Zwift we look to work together as a team. First and foremost we want to see a team member win and most members will do everything they can to help the team get someone into that position.