TT1 Race – Push! Push! Push!

1 Sept TT1 – Road to Ruins. Goal: Push Push Push.
by Nik Hall

This is one of my favourite courses, a long climb 2 stage near the start, some tough little climbs in the Mayan area and a nasty long climb coming out of The Valley. The first climb is usually where the action begins and this race was no different. I found myself in no mans land on the climb up. Unable to hold onto the A’s and a couple of B’s, but off the front of the main B group. There were some strong sprinters in the pack behind so I decided to keep plugging away and TT it. I managed to stay away and catch an A rider. I thought he might pull me safely to the finish line, but he mostly seemed to want to sit on my wheel apart from doing a 3 -4 pulls. I especially enjoy sticking it to the WBR boys. Noticed a WBR A rider slowing down to join the B group behind me, but I managed to stay away

Goal achieved? Yep! 5min power increase to 4.8w/kg!

You can watch the video of the race here: 

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