Team TFC is run by the team for the benefit of the team. In order to keep things running some members have volunteered to take on various responsibilities as outlined in the table. We are well aware that there are many many more members than those listed below who are instrumental to the success of the team and keeping the community spirit alive. 

Below is a short intro to each as well. 

Alan Wyers

Alan is the grandfather of the team, although not a grandfather as his children don’t want any. A founder member of TFCS and TFC he has been organising very nice races for us all, if you like hills that is, for a few years now.  He has tried his hand at over a dozen sports at club level without finding anything he is yet good at. He will tell you the story of playing cricket for two different clubs and reaching the same final two years in a row and now has two runners up medals. Also known as ‘The Hammer’ he hates any form of cheating and will DQ anyone who may, look like they may or can’t lie well enough to convince him they haven’t.

Andrew Block

Andrew is very short, probably the shortest man you know but that’s not important. He’s very competitive in most aspects of life but also loves helping others improve and that applies to cycling. He’s been with Team TFC since it became a Team and made lots of friends. It’s not all about zwift though, he loves exploring the world by bike and has a bucket list of rides around the world. When you’re on the road and riding together we become family where no one gets left behind. There’s nothing better than the sun on your face when you’re climbing a 1000m+ mountain.

Andy Baines

Andy works behind the scenes  to ensure the rest of the team don’t take things too seriously! Having raced CX and gravel  irl and racing  on Zwift, Andy is happy to offer lots of his legendary advice even though he’s most likely drinking a beer or bourbon, avoiding dying (he’s tried it once but managed to get jump started again) and dreaming of his next gravel adventure.

Andy Beveridge

Andy started on Zwift just after the Beta in 2016. He started cycling as a juvenile back in 1979 with Lewes Wanderers CC. To be fair he was never that good, and his main claim to fame is having been caught by Tour de France yellow jersey wearer Sean Yates in the first mile of a time trial.   He did a bit of road racing during his time at university back in the day when the state paid you to get a degree. This is also the last time he bothered shaving his legs. These days he is using Zwift to get himself fit enough to keep doing club 10s and the odd sportive like the Dragon Ride in Wales… oh and losing enough weight to drag himself over the Dolomitesin the summer! Andy is also one of the Team TFC club reps for British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials and will organising the Team TFC meet up at the UCI world champs in Yorkshire in 2019.

Damon McKay

Damon is the legend who helped us get the TFC kit available in real life. Several times a year Damon works with Primal Europe to run a team kit store so that members can get hold of the awesome Team TFC kit.

David Mulholland

After many years of an expanding waistband sitting at a desk in the city Dave started cycling in Jan 2018. He had always loved cycling as a kid (my first job was as a newspaper round back when people read them). Well – now he’s hooked and as someone who always gets 100% involved in anything he’s passionate about Dave also got involved in helping to arrange a series of things for the team. He initiated the team Sunday Evening Group Ride, is now running the team website and is organising the team real life social event for May 2019. Given his job takes him travelling across the world, Dave is trying his best to meet as many members as he can in real life (current count is 8 of our active members). 

Jim Peyton

Jim ended his 1990 season with a win at the Ann Arbor Festival of Cycling — he would not get back on a bicycle for 25 years. After rebuilding his 80s vintage Specialized, Jim decided it was high time to embrace 21st Century cycling technology. Half a dozen N+1s later Jim found Team TFC in 2017 when exploring Zwift as a pain cave alternative. Jim is an active rider both online and outside in White Plains, New York. Jim races on Zwift in Category D (60+), and helps coordinate TFC’s USA riders. His biggest dream is to beat Ryan Miller in a sprint.

Mick Fisher

Arrived late, 57, to the cycling scene after spending most of his active life playing basketball for 45 years in the Kent/London area. Ran a little bit to help keep fit doing 5 marathons including 3 London’s with a best time of 3hr 14 mins. Did think about doing a triathlon but never got round to it.
First ride on Zwift was 24 Aug 2015 and first TFC race (4 laps of Watopia) on 27 Nov 2015. Shortly after that race I joined Rob Bolt and Alan Wyers in running the TFC races and now produce the race results and podium sheets. Currently a low C rider but won the lowest average HR in every Zwift race I’ve been in!

Nick Nellis

Nick is the main liaison for the team with regards to the various Zwift races and series, and is actively involved in the racing community. He is the one to go to to find out what’s going on in the racing community (or at least he is good enough at blagging that he knows).

He is is very competitive and has tried many sports to find something that he is better than average at (still searching). Having not won anything in his life before, he discovered he could podium in Zwift races as long as no one fast was racing, immediately getting him hooked.

Having cycled non competitively for many years, he started Zwift at the end of 2017.

Ryan Miller

Ryan came to Zwift in 2017 after 15 years of being a runner due to some personal life changes and having to take care of an elderly parent. As such, I had to figure out how to keep my fitness and stay in shape since I could not train the way I was for my running & ultra running. A local bike shop told me about Zwift when I was in the process of buying my first road bike. As a newbie to Zwift, I fall into many of the pitfalls that most do. It really wasn’t until early 2018 when I was asked to join Team TFC Racing that my training on the bike (indoor & outdoor) finally began coming together. The team has helped keep me on track, the banter makes the daily doldrums of indoor training much more fun, and learning the team aspect of racing & working together an enjoyable learning experience.

History of Deadpool: I have run over 150 races of Marathon distance or further. I have run 75 miles in under 24 hours on a high school 400 meter track for charity twice.

Personal Bests Running: 5k-20:03, 1/2 marathon – 1:40, Marathon – 3:33, 50k – 4:20, 50 Miles – 9:08, 100k – 11:00

Personal Bests Bike: Outdoor 100 Miles – 5:05, Indoor 100 Miles – 5:25

I feel running and cycling go hand-in-hand and cross training helps fuel the fire!

Wes Briant

Coming soon

Zac Rogers

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