The History of Team TFC


Team TFC was founded in Jan 2016 with our first captain Eric Schlange (who you may know from Zwift Insider).  


We are growing all the time but at last count the team had 153 members registered on Zwiftpower (the Zwift results service). 

TFCS race series begins

  • Autumn 2015

The TFCS (The Friday Criterium Series) race series began in Autumn 2015 as the brainchild of Rob Bolt. At the time there was only one race on Zwift - the ZTR race. Many current TFC members were key in helping administer the series in the days before Zwiftpower (Alan Wyers, Karissa Minn, Mick Fisher and Andy Beveridge). At the time there were more race series starting up including the KISS races and WBR. 

Autumn 2015
January 2016

Team TFC founded

  • January 2016

In January 2016, the team was founded to help build a team spirit around some of those racing in the TFC race series. The team has always had a strong showing of C and D Cat riders. We have also been expanding our A and B Cat riders more recently. The initial Team Captain was Eric Schlange (of Zwift Insider) but due to time zone challenges with Alan Wyers taking over the Team Captain role. 

TFC in real life meet up

  • June 2018

In June 2018 a number of team members arranged an in real life meet up in the New Forest in South England. It was a great chance for the team to get to know each other better and we will be arranging a similar event in May 2019 (this time in Shrewsbury). 

June 2018
August 2018

We have our own kit!

  • August 2018

After many MANY months by a number of members in the team (big kudos to Zac Rogers and Damon McKay), Team TFC managed to get our own kit in-game in Zwift in August 2018. The kit is available for all those who ride in our Friday evening race series. 

The future

  • Present

Overtime members will come and go but Team TFC continues to have a strong and helpful community of riders. We want to continue to grow and attract members who share our ethos of fair play and supporting others. We want to continue to grow the social side of the team (an in real life event is planned for June 2018), attract new members and we would also like to continue to strengthen our ladies team. 

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