Along with the events that we host, Team TFC competes in many of the other team championships on Zwift. There are two series that we are currently encouraging team participation in (members are obviously free to race when suits themselves best).

WTRL Team Time Trial TTT Series

After some encouragement from a few members we now regularly organise >5 teams each week. The event runs each Thursday across time zones and classes which means there is something for almost everyone to participate and you can find more information about the series on the WTRL website. We enter teams across time zones to suit both Europe and Americas members and with space to suit riders from Cat A to D. We regularly finish in the Top 3 across the Frappe, Latte and Mocha classes with really strong results in the 2019 TTT World Championships. Team TFC currently hold a number of course records for the TTT and came extremely close to winning the Latte and Mocha classes in the World Championships.

Team TFC results from the WTRL World Championships

3R & WTRL Ultimate Racing League

We are currently participating in the joint 3R & WTRL Ultimate Racing League which is a team focused race series. The event is running over 6 weeks and so far (3 weeks in) Team TFC have had incredibly strong results and are sitting top of the table with a nice gap to the next team. This has only been possible due to the extremely strong turnout from members and what we like about the series is every point counts meaning everyone that races really contributes. We have been scoring points from all categories with our depth across all categories (including the ladies category) being the real key. We also have a couple of riders currently leading their individual classes – Fred Hate in the Ladies and Richard Seddon in Cat D (although he’s just been upgraded to C…).

Ultimate Racing League results after Stage 3 / 6

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