Join Team TFC

If you’re looking for a team to make your time on Zwift more enjoyable you would be more than welcome to join Team TFC. We have a great community of members to provide that added encouragement and friendship as we all work to improve our fitness. 

We are actively recruiting new members both as social members who share a passion for cycling and as new race members to complement the very strong ranks we have already in across all levels of Zwift racing (A-D and our Women’s team).  You will also find Team TFC represented in many of the Zwift Invitational Race Series (such as the current Zwift Classics). 

If you want to join the team please apply to join on both Facebook and Zwiftpower using the links below. Also – please look out for an email from the team in response to this (we always do a little due-diligence). 


How much does it cost to join ?

The team is free to join as you are already paying your subscription to Zwift. We do on rare occasions ask the team to help fund a small amount of the running costs of the team (website / British Cycling registration).  

How do I join the team ?

Membership of the team is maintained through Facebook and Zwiftpower to make it easier for members (rather than another sign up form). Please use the links above to join on both platforms. 

Do you focus on any countries ?

The team is very global. We are open to members from any countries. Many of our members come from Europe and North America but we are looking to expand our base into Asia and Australia. 

Do I need to join to ride TFC Events ?

TFC events are open to all members whether or not they are members of the team. For the races we actively encourage other teams to join us. 

When does the team ride ?

There are team organised events on Friday evenings (TFC Race Series) and Sunday evenings (TFC Sunday Group Ride) but we have members riding all through the week and often entering other race series together (KISS and 3R well attended). 

How do I recognise team members in Zwift ?

When you are riding in Zwift, TFC members will mostly ride with TFC or TFC Racing at the end of their name to signify. They will likely also be wearing the TFC kit although in the TFC race and group ride, all riders will be wearing the TFC kit.