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Get the Team TFC Kit

Team TFC are lucky enough to have our own race kit in game in Zwift – instructions are below on how to get the kit (spoiler – it’s really simple). 

We also run stores a few times a year through Primal in order to purchase a real life copy of the team kit as well. Below is our summer kit but we also have a winter kit available.

Get the Team TFC kit in Zwift

The Team TFC kit is awarded to all those who race in the Team TFC Race Series on a Friday night. So all you need to do in order to get the kit is to join one of the Friday night races (either the European or US race). 

We recommend all members (where allowed) wear the kit when they are riding in other race series to make it easier to find and see our team mates. We also add TFC Racing (or just TFC if you have a long surname) after our Zwift names. 

Get the Team TFC kit in real life

Through our partnership with Primal Europe, we can offer members the chance to purchase the team kit to wear in real life. We run 3-4 team kit stores a year (once we see enough demand to cover the minimum order quantity) so there are plenty of opportunities for new members to get a copy of the kit. 

Team TFC members wearing their kit with pride in real life