Team TFC - Mad Monday Race Series #5

Changes for Race Series #5: In order to continue improving the series we are making a couple of changes to the scoring for the 5th series as follows:

  •  Bonus points: We will now award bonus points for the first 10 riders over the line with 20 points for 1st, 17 points for 2nd, 15 points for 3rd, 13 points for 4th, 11 points for 5th, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1
  • Placing points: To keep balance in the overall scores between placing and bonuses, placing scores will now be 100 points for 1st, 90 points for 2nd, 85 points for 3rd etc. 

Join us each Monday for the Team TFC Mad Monday Race Series. The competition aims to have elements to suit all riders and teams with both individual GC competitions and bigger team competitions (both within category and across all categories). We would love to see as many teams as possible to compete to make this one of the central team race events on the Zwift calendar. There will be races to suit both European (7:20pm UK / 8:20pm CET) and American (8:45pm EST / 7:45pm CST / 5:45pm PST) time zones – each series will run independently in terms of the scoring. Details are included below of how each element of the series will be scored both individual and team. We will endeavour to get the results posted by Tuesday evening each week but please bear with us on this for the first few weeks while we set up the system and automate the results. 

ZwiftPower Ranking Points are up for grabs during every stage too and we are expecting very strong attendance in the event so good points should be available.

Course Schedule:

Prizes / Sponsor

Our next series will offer prizes sponsored by The winners of each individual category competition will be awarded with a TFC Cycle Cap (they’re great quality Primal kit as well) along with a tube of Chapeau! Original Chamios Cream. The highest placed individual rider that competed in all 9 races of the series (or 2nd highest if the overall winner completed all 9 races) will also be awarded a tube of Chapeau! Original Chamios Cream. Winners will be required to provide an email address to where once verified codes will be provided to place orders (for free) with to collect your prizes. 


A Vital accessory for any cyclist. Chapeau Original Chamois Cream has a pleasant fresh fragrance and is slightly thicker in consistency than the Menthol version. It can be used as an anti-bacterial preventative measure against chafing and soreness or after a ride to soothe and help heal any discomfort.
The cream works by forming a long-lasting anti-friction barrier between skin and chamois pad preventing bacterial build-up keeping you comfortable and making your ride that much more enjoyable. It is an essential purchase for any keen cyclist.


Individual Competition

Racers will score points in all categories with a maximum of 100 points awarded for 1st place down to 1 point for 55th place. All racers who finish the race will be awarded 1 point. Points will be allocated to each rider based on the ZwiftPower Category they were in at the start of each race. Points will be allocated by place as follows: 100, 90, 85, 80, 75, 70, 65, 60, 58, 56 …[2 points less per place down to 20th]… 36, 35, 34, …[1 point less per place down to 55th]. Any rider coming in >55th place will still earn 1 point for each race. 

For this ‘Autumn Series’ – we will now have only 7 of the 9 races to count which we hope will make the overall competition more interesting based on choosing some races that suit you but also give people the flexibility to miss a couple based on holidays and so on. 

Bonus points: Each week there will be up to 30 bonus points available as laid out in the table above. We are now scoring the bonus segments based on first over the line as we feel this is the fairest way to do it and more consistent with how most racing is done. In order to ensure that all races have the same points available – some segments will score double points – for these just take the below and multiple by 2…  
1st: 20 points
2nd: 17 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 13 points
5th: 11 points
6th: 9 points
7th: 7 points
8th: 5 points
9th: 3 points
10th: 1 point
If the bonus points lead to you being one of the highest 5 scoring members (depending on how many racers will count in a given race) in that race then the bonus points will also count towards the overall team competition as well.  
Team Competition

The top 5 riders in each team score the Top Points – each rider beyond the top 5 will count as 1 point towards the team competition. Points in all Categories will be awarded per rider consistent with the individual scoring laid out above. Ladies may enter any Pen of their choice but will be scored amongst all the riders in that Pen. Only Ladies may race from the E Pen.

Additionally, there is a restriction on the number of riders that will contribute to the team score per category depending on overall number of team people racing in each category. 

  • Less than 11 finishers: 1 rider
  • 11-20 finishers: 2 riders
  • 21-30 finishers: 3 riders
  • 31-40 finishers: 4 riders
  • 41 or more: 5 riders
Racers racing in the WRONG Division/Pen for their category will be awarded -10 points for both their INDIVIDUAL and TEAM effort during ANY race stage. Racers who exceed 0.1wkg (95% of 20min best) over their categories upper limit will be DQd (but no penalty will apply). 

Consistent with recently changed Zwiftpower rules – we will now apply WKG DQs for racers who exceed 0.1wkg (95% of 20min best) over their categories upper limit. 


  • Zwiftpower Category enforcement will be in force.
  • Riders who have not completed the Zwiftpower registration will be removed from the results. 
  • All Racers MUST have a valid Height and Weight entered in to their Zwift settings. Racers with 0 or the default, will be disqualified.
  • Racers who enter a category lower than the one on their Zwiftpower profile will be disqualified from the results. It is the riders responsibility to check that they have entered the correct category.
  • Zwiftpower category upgraded riders must race in the higher category for the next event. 
  • If a rider is downgraded during the series for any reason other than an equipment change they must continue to race their initial category. If there is an equipment change they or their team captain must contact Team TFC for dispensation. 
  • All racers must wear HRM and the data must be visible in Zwiftpower. In the event of HRM failure during the race, Team TFC must be contacted immediately the race has finished.
  • Z-power racers will be removed from the results.

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