Team TFC - Mad Monday Race Series

Join us each Monday for the Team TFC Mad Monday Race Series. The competition aims to have elements to suit all riders and teams with both individual GC competitions and bigger team competitions (both within category and across all categories). We would love to see as many teams as possible to compete to make this one of the central team race events on the Zwift calendar. There will be races to suit both European (7:20pm UK / 8:20pm CET) and American (7:45pm EST / 6:45pm CST / 4:45pm PST) time zones – each series will run independently in terms of the scoring. Details are included below of how each element of the series will be scored both individual and team. We will endeavour to get the results posted by Tuesday evening each week but please bear with us on this for the first few weeks while we set up the system and automate the results. 

To sign up for the next series – please fill out this form.

IMPORTANT: For our next series which starts on Mon 6th Oct, both the EU/UK and the US series will now follow the split category rules and we will be strict on apply disqualifications for riders entering the wrong categories. Please note – we will be using teams as structured and set up on Zwiftpower – so please make sure all riders you wish to race for you are assigned to your team within the Zwiftpower teams structure. These rules are still subject to change. 

We now operate a split category system as explained below: 

  • Categories: For the mixed race categories we will be operating an 8-category racing series with narrower category bandings across two race events each week as below. Team managers will be given instructions on which categories riders should join. However in short – use the numbers that you see on zwiftpower that calculate your assigned category and race the one it fits in below. Keep a close eye on it though if you are in the non-plus category as you could overtime upgrade and be penalised for racing the wrong category.
    Cat A+: 4.60 wkg and above  FTP
    Cat A:    4.00 wkg up to 4.59 wkg   FTP
    Cat B+:  3.60 wkg up to 3.99 wkg   FTP
    Cat B:    3.20 wkg up to 3.59 wkg   FTP
    Cat C+:  2.85 wkg up to 3.19 wkg   FTP
    Cat C:    2.50 wkg up to 2.84 wkg   FTP
    Cat D+:  2.00 wkg up to 2.49 wkg   FTP
    Cat D:     1.99 wkg and below   FTP
  • Which category should I join? If you are unsure on which category to join – press the info button on Zwiftpower beside your race category and it will tell you what your race FTP is. Obviously if this number is low and you believe you can perform better we are very happy for people race higher. You must not however race lower than the category implied by this number (i.e. someone with numbers like below might be best racing in Cat B). If you do not have an assigned race category then please use your FTP against the categories above. If you don’t know your FTP – we would suggest working that out before joining the series… (PS – please also read the wattage floors rule below). 
  • Anti-sandbagging: Riders who have been consistently winning in their current standard ZwiftPower category (e.g. Cat C) will be asked to race up in the next sub-category (e.g. Cat B) and we reserve the right to disqualify riders who ignore this rule. 
  • WKG rule: To encourage riders to put their full effort in, we will implement a 0.2wkg instead of the Zwiftpower standard 0.1wkg. However, riders who do end up hitting a wkg penalty will be asked to then race up in the next category. 
  • UPG rule / penalty: Any rider who is found to be racing in the wrong category (including sub-categories) will cost their team a 20 point penalty. We will have monitoring systems in place to catch this each week. 
  • Wattage floors: The standard Zwiftpower categories have floor limits of absolute Watts that a riders FTP much be above before they are upgraded to the next category. These rules will still apply in the Mad Monday series but any rider in a given category by virtue of this (e.g. a Cat B with FTP of 4.4wkg) – they will be expected to race in the upper category (i.e. Cat B+). The absolute wattage floors are 150W for Cat C, 200W for Cat B, 250W for Cat A, 300W for Cat A+.
  • Heart rate monitor issues: We have shown leniency on heart rate monitor issues in the past and we will continue to do so where riders have a history of using a HRM and the numbers still make sense with their fitness profile. We will however institute rule where a rider can only have one reinstatement during the series. Repeat offenders will no longer be reinstated. 
  • Complaints / Issues: If there are any issues please communicate with us via your team captain – they will have a direct email address for us.

ZwiftPower Ranking Points are up for grabs during every stage too and we are expecting very strong attendance in the event so good points should be available.

Course Schedule:

RaceDateWorldCourseLapsTypeDistanceBonus Points
106-DecCrit CityDowntown Dolphin16Flat31kmPrime / KoM banner on lap 4, 8, 12
213-DecInnsbruckKoM Afterparty1Hilly37.4kmSprint banner on the circuit on lap 1, 2, 3
320-DecNYCGotham Grind Reverse4Rolling36.8kmSprint banner on lap 1, 2, 3
427-DecLondonGreater London Flat3Flat40.5kmSprint banner on lead-in and end of lap 1 and 2
503-JanWatopiaOut and Back Again1Hilly42kmSprint, Volcano KoM, Reverse KoM
610-JanMakuri IslandsSuki’s Playground2Rolling37kmSprint banner each lap (double points on first lap)
717-JanWatopiaSeaside Sprint6Flat41.8kmSpring banner on laps 1, 3, 5
824-JanNYCEverything Bagel1Hilly34.2kmKoM Reverse, First sprint, KoM
931-JanYorkshireDuchy Estate9Rolling28.7kmSprint banner on lap 3, 5, 7


Individual Competition

Racers will score points in all categories with a maximum of 100 points awarded for 1st place down to 2 points for 54th place. All racers who finish the race will be awarded 2 point. Points will be allocated to each rider based on the ZwiftPower Category they were in at the start of each race. Points will be allocated by place as follows: 100, 90, 85, 80, 75, 70, 65, 60, 58, 56 …[2 points less per place down to 20th]… 36, 35, 34, …[1 point less per place down to 54th]. Any rider coming in >54th place will still earn 2 point for each race. 

For this series – 7 of the 9 races to count which we hope will make the overall competition more interesting based on choosing some races that suit you but also give people the flexibility to miss a couple based on holidays and so on. 

Bonus points: Each week there will be up to 60 bonus points available as laid out in the table above. We are now scoring the bonus segments based on first over the line as we feel this is the fairest way to do it and more consistent with how most racing is done. In order to ensure that all races have the same points available – some segments will score double points – for these just take the below and multiple by 2…  
1st: 20 points
2nd: 17 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 13 points
5th: 11 points
6th: 9 points
7th: 7 points
8th: 5 points
9th: 3 points
10th: 1 point
If the bonus points lead to you being one of the highest 5 scoring members (depending on how many racers will count in a given race) in that race then the bonus points will also count towards the overall team competition as well.  
Team Competition

The top 4 riders in each team score the Top Points – each rider beyond the top 4 will count as 2 point towards the team competition. Points in all Categories will be awarded per rider consistent with the individual scoring laid out above. All races will count towards the team competition. 

Additionally, there is a restriction on the number of riders that will contribute to the team score per category depending on overall number of team people racing in each category. 

  • Less than 11 finishers: 1 rider
  • 11-20 finishers: 2 riders
  • 21-30 finishers: 3 riders
  • 31 riders or more: 4 riders
Racers racing in the WRONG Division/Pen for their category will be awarded -10 points for both their INDIVIDUAL and TEAM effort during ANY race stage. Racers who exceed 0.2wkg (95% of 20min best) over their categories upper limit will be DQd (but no penalty will apply). 



  • Zwiftpower Category enforcement will be in force.
  • Riders who have not completed the Zwiftpower registration will be removed from the results. 
  • All Racers MUST have a valid Height and Weight entered in to their Zwift settings. Racers with 0 or the default, will be disqualified.
  • Racers who enter a category lower than the one on their Zwiftpower profile will be disqualified from the results. It is the riders responsibility to check that they have entered the correct category.
  • Zwiftpower category upgraded riders must race in the higher category for the next event. 
  • All racers must wear HRM and the data must be visible in Zwiftpower. In the event of HRM failure during the race, Team TFC must be contacted immediately the race has finished.
  • Z-power racers will be removed from the results.
  • TFC Mad Monday Anti-sandbagging rule: At the race organisers discretion if we see riders consistently podiuming or winning races in their category (B, C and D) ahead of the start of a Mad Monday series we reserve the right to upgrade that rider. This is independent of what Zwiftpower says the riders category is and will be following a thorough and expansive review of rider data. We believe this will impact a very small minority of racers but should significantly improve the quality of racing for those honestly racing to their full potential. In our view – if you have consistently won 5-10 races in a category well it’s time to keep getting faster and go and try the next category. At the end of the day you’re only holding yourself back and we want everyone to get faster.